Frameless Glass Balustrades

frameless glass stair panel

Installation of frameless glass stair panels

At Stowmarket Glass Co, we design, supply and install glass balustrade systems to suit any domestic or commercial application in Suffolk and East Anglia. To discuss your requirements, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Balustrade systems and glass infill panels

Our team of glazing experts have over 30 years of experience and skills to provide you with the perfect glass products for your needs. From simple glass infill panels fixed to the timber staircase to stainless steel post and handrail constructions, you name it and we'll get it done. From glass partitions to enclosures, traditional glass work to modern glass products, we have it all! Below are some methods we use to make the balustrade systems. 
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Simple glass infill panels

Whether you are trying to update your existing staircase by removing timber spindles and installing glass infill panels or you're installing a new handmade oak staircase, we can be of assistance. We use 10 mm toughened glass as standard with the option of using low-iron glass for an ultra-clear look to minimise reflections. Fixing of the glass can be achieved with stainless steel glass clamps or by simply fitting the glass into grooves in the stringer and handrail. The glass clamps we use are made of 316-grade stainless steel and can be powder coated to any colour of your choice.

Base channel balustrade systems

You can achieve the ultimate frameless look by losing the channel within the floor build up. We use a British manufactured base channel which can be floor mounted or side mounted and is made from extremely strong and light-weight aluminium. We use toughened glass with thickness starting at 12mm. 

With a glass mounted handrail to a structurally toughened laminated glass which does not require a handrail to pass regulations, this base channel has the most advanced clamping mechanism available which allows us to adjust the glass to the exact position required to ensure each panel lines through perfectly. If you do not plan on hiding the base channel, not to worry as it comes with a brushed stainless steel finish.
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Standoff bolt fixing

This is another method to achieve the frameless look for the glass panels in your property. Standoff bolt fixings are a made from stainless steel and simply bolt onto the face of your stair treads, floor, balcony or wall. We drill holes in the glass panels and bolt the glass along the bottom section. 

Most standoff bolts have a fixed size steel backing plate which doesn't allow you to adjust the distance between the glass and the fixing surface. Our standoffs are different as they are fully adjustable using specialist tooling. When using structurally toughened laminated glass without a handrail, we can ensure each panel lines up perfectly even when we are fitting it to an uneven surface such as a brick wall.
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Standoff bolts available in stock

The standoff bolts we keep in stock come in 40mm and 50mm diameter sizes. The distance between the glass and the fixing surface is from 20mm to 50mm. We can also have bespoke sizes manufactured to suit your requirements. Our services are available to domestic and commercial customers across Stowmarket and Suffolk. Contact our team for more details.
For bespoke glass balustrade systems or glass stair panels, contact Stowmarket Glass Co on
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